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​​While I was honest about coming in for counselling simply to humour my parents, you were nonetheless extremely helpful, considerate, and openminded. You were thorough and kept an open ear to everything that was spoken.

I appreciated you looking beneath the surface into who I am as a person. I feel the results you gave me were spot on.

–E. A. (Client)

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Going through the career counselling process with Amy helped provide me with the knowledge, tools and confidence to move towards my new career path.  


The testing administered gave me concrete insight into my strengths, while Amy's advice and guidance helped me choose how I wanted to approach my new career.


Amy presented me with different career options I had not even considered.  ​She has a vast knowledge of the growing and changing Canadian employment options. 

–K.G. (Client)​

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I met with Amy in the winter of 2010. At that time, I was looking for assistance and guidance in exploring my career path.


Amy was adept at personalizing the experience for me. She helped me hone in on the careers and employment options that would truly speak to my core values and interests. She provided me with excellent insight, a variety of employment resources, and the ability to pinpoint the careers that would allow my talents to shine.


Amy was positive, supportive, knowledgeable and professional. It was a pleasure to work with her.

–M.L. (Client)

Clapping Audience

While at our school, Ms. Lloyd proved to be highly efficient, well organized and had an excellent rapport with her students.  Her classes were always among the most requested by our students.

–Cameron Prior (Director, IH Vancouver)


Amy went to our Burnaby Training Centre and gave a remarkable career presentation. Amy demonstrated her group-based facilitation skills and her career development education and training. Most importantly, she shared career-hunting strategies with the audience. ​


After the session, she has been generously offering herself as a point of contact in helping our clients expand their network. I know, through her referral, some of our clients have obtained informational interviews which we all know are not easy to arrange.


If there is a chance, I will definitely invite her back to be a presenter.

–Daniel Wang (Industry Liaison, Douglas College)

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Clients can expect to be Amy's complete focus during career counselling sessions. Amy proceeds with genuine warmth, insight, and humour.


While career concerns can be fraught with fear, anxiety, or perplexity, clients will gain options, direction, and encouragement at the end of their process.

–E.S. (Employment Counsellor)


​Amy was able to provide a high level thoughtful product (a rebuttal report) with a short deadline at a reasonable cost. I would highly recommend her.​

–Client (hired Amy as Forensic Vocational Consultant)

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​Amy provides a professional and highly skilled service to clients in the provision of vocational testing services. Amy's personable and empathetic approach sets clients at ease while maintaining the highest level of professionalism.​

–D.B. (Vocational Consultant)​

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