Frequently Asked Questions

Career Counsellor Amy Lloyd of Lloyd Counselling
Can I pay in installments? Is there a sliding fee scale? Can I get a student/special rate?

As a ​Registered Clinical Counsellor, ​my services may be covered by extended healthcare benefits. I will provide you with a receipt at the end of each session, which you can submit for possible compensation.

Please note that no front-end commitment for the Career Exploration Packages is necessary as the intake is the same for all clients (background, history, goals, and career ideas). If you would like to move on to the packages, the intake fee is deducted from the package fee. 


Please check the Promotions page for special offers.

What do the sessions for the Career Counselling Packages fully entail?

I initially meet with my clients for a history-taking interview (1 hour). This interview reviews their background, including school and work experience, as well as interests, activities, and hobbies that were meaningful to them in their lives. I also discuss current ideas around possible careers and what they hope to gain from career counselling


I am interested in taking into account where they are at in their present work and personal life and how this may (or may not) fit with their current career choices or their future occupational aspirations.


Following the first interview session, I choose a battery of suitable psychometric tests to be completed in the second session (typically from 1– 2 hours of testing dependent on specific needs). 


More importantly, in many cases, I can test a person's interests and values around work as well as their unique personality (Myers-Briggs and Work Personality Index tests) as it relates to the work setting and culture of various occupations. These tests, along with the background interview, lend to a more holistic overview of the individual.


In the third session (2 hours) we review and interpret the tests and the client gains further insight into areas that seem suitable (or not so suitable) to their particular Interests, Work Values, Personality, and Work Behaviour as potential career paths. I then have the client take time after this session to reflect and explore some of these career options before meeting again.


In our Post-Interpretation session, the client will share with me insights they have gained from the testing results and together we can collaborate on potential career options. Usually, from five or more top choices, three choices are targeted and then investigated in more detail. As we look at the options, I give the client my feedback and insights on the suitability of these careers and together we envision the steps in learning more about and potentially choosing an occupational path for moving towards their vocational goal. This entails a vocational report written by me.


This vocational report includes the incorporation of the client's choices and ideas, and the testing results along with the use of the “hard facts” such as career profile information, occupational income data (based on census data), futures data (which gives insight into each jobs future growth), and schooling options. I can also provide training institute information, including the following: program prerequisites, costs, full-time or part-time program options, and start dates.


Finally, post-report delivery and depending on the counselling package chosen, I may also be able to connect the client to a professional in their targeted career area for an informational interview. Further follow-up session time and phone contact is included in some packages.)


Who are the “typical” clients using these packages?


My clients include the following: pre- and post-high school graduates, university undergraduates, those researching graduate programs and trade and technical schools, those desiring a mid-career change, and those forced through injury or medical diagnosis to change their occupation. My Career Counselling Packages are suitable for many different types of clients and can be customised for individual needs. 


Over the past ten years I have worked with private clients as well as clients sent to me from Canadian and European insurance agencies, The Workers Compensation Board of BC, Simon Fraser University, rehabilitation organisations, MS societies, divorce lawyers, employment lawyers, and personal injury litigation firms.


What can a client really achieve from this kind of counselling?

At the close of our career counselling sessions, it is my goal that the client will be set to independently move forward in a career direction which they have thoroughly explored, and which they now possess both personal insight regarding suitability and an awareness of the occupational information (data) needed to make appropriate career training or career transition choices. These insights are often a very empowering and exciting experience for my clients.


What if a client lives outside of Vancouver?

ALL SESSION SERVICES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE via SKYPE and the testing can be done via my secured psychometric webpage with Psychometrics Canada. I have completed these packages with clients located outside the Lower Mainland, in provinces outside of BC, and in Europe.


I hope this has provided you with an overview of my career counselling services. Thank you for your interest in my work. Please contact me if there is anything more you would like me to clarify.