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Enjoy the best from our Career Exploration Packages bundled at a special savings of  $650.
The Mini Package includes the following:
  1. Intake Session & Testing of Career Interests & Career Values (1 hour)

  2. Testing Interpretation & Counselling Session (1.5 hour)

  3. Follow-Up Session (1 hour) 

  4. Follow-Up Report of Client's Top 2 Choices of Career Areas, including the following:

  • Job Descriptions

  • Work Futures Information

  • Census Translated Wages Information

  • Training Options (post-secondary institutes which offer the programs of training for these careers)


Full Description of Sessions:


A) Intake Session

  • History-Taking

  • Client's Input on Career Ideas and Questions

  • Verbal Preparation for Testing 


B) Testing Session: Career Testing using 2 Psychometric Tests:


1. The Canadian Career Interest Profiler (CIP)

  • Suggests and describes a large number of occupations suitable for client's area of career interest, based on Holland codes

  • Measures 6 traits and suggests 20-40 top careers that fit the test-taker's interests

  • Report includes job descriptions, links to the NOC (National Occupational Classification) databases, as well as helpful information and exercises for further career exploration


2. Career Values Scale (CVS)

  • Up-to-date measure of work values, preferences and needs

  • Identifies core beliefs which give meaning to one's career and life

  • Provides useful indicators of job satisfaction and personal goals


C) Follow-up Session

  • Completion of Interactive Questionnaire

  • Interpretation of tests

  • Reflection of client's test results and discussion of targeted careers 

  • Report of client's top 2 career choices which includes the following:

    • Job Descriptions

    • Work Futures Information

    • Census Translated Wages Information

    • Training Options (post-secondary institutes offering programs for these careers)

  • Take-Home Package


Consultation: 3.5 hours 

Testing: 1 hour (approximately)

Number of Tests: 2

Report Size and Scope: customised report (20 pages, approximately) for client’s desired top 2 career choices

Total Cost: $650


Contact Amy to take advantage of this special offer and start your career path today.

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